Ebook The Lavender Revolution (English edition)


Ebook "The Lavender Revolution. Transform your life (for the better) thanks to lavender."

Author: Beatrice Galgano

Format: downloadable PDF 

Pages: 94

Start your lavender revolution today, thanks to this Ebook.

This Ebook is the result of my big passion and love for lavender, and more than 20 year of experiments, researched and use of this magical flower. Lavender changed my life, for the better, and now my wish is to change yours as well.

The purpose of this book is to provide all the information, tools, knowledge you need to start using lavender in all areas of your life and live a more natural, healthier, more beautiful, relaxed and happier life. 

Topics I touch in this Ebook:

- Lavender for the care of your home 

- Lavender for the care of your linen and clothes

- Lavender for the care of your body

- Lavender for your  natural beauty 

- Lavender for the well - being of your mind 

- Lavender in the kitchen 

In this Ebook I also shared my 29 favorite recipes and tutorials for natural remedies, cosmetics, beauty and spa treatments, and sweet and savoury recipes.

94 pages of pure love and passion for lavender  💜   if you love lavender this book is an absolute MUST READ !

The Ebook is in PDF downloadable format, After your purchase yu'll receive an email with the link for the download.

PLEASE DON'T PURCHASE THIS EBOOK WITH OTHER PRODUCTS OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD IT. If you want to buy my organic lavender products  make 2 different orders. 

Good read and may the bliss and power of lavender be with you, always !!



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